Terms and Conditions

Please read the Rental-Liability Disclosure Agreement below, once you book and pay for your event you are agreeing to the terms of the Rental-Liability Disclosure Agreement.

Weekday signs (Monday - Thursday) are a 24 hour rental unless an extra day is added. Your signs are installed the evening before your special event after 7pm.

Weekend signs (Friday - Sunday) are 48-60 hour rentals. Signs are set up on Friday evening and are taken down Sunday evening.

Please advise us if you have an underground sprinkler system, as H stakes are used to install the lawn signs and could damage your sprinkler head if we are not made aware. Also please note we can only install our signs in grass NOT in mulch or landscaping rocks. If you don't have a grass space for us to install your lawn sign it is your responsibility to let us know as we could have an alternative option. Failure to let us know prior to us coming to your property NO REFUND will be provided.

Please note our letters are 23" tall by approximately 18" wide. Please ensure you have the lawn space for us to install the lawn sign. If the lawn space is inadequate and we cannot install the sign NO REFUND will be provided. If your unsure please let us know as we could have other options for smaller properties. If the ground is too hard or frozen and we can't install our lawn signs into the grass we will have to use our bases if your property space allows for it.

You may cancel up to 2 weeks prior to your booked event date for a full refund. NO REFUND will be provided within 2 weeks of your event

In the event we have to cancel due to inclement of weather, including high winds or lightning, we will either reschedule your set up or offer you a credit.

For reservations made less that 48 hours before the event payment is required in full by 9am the day of setup. If payment is not made then the reservation will be cancelled automatically.

A fuel charge of $5 will be automatically added to each reservation.

For reservations more than 25km out of our service area a delivery charge will be added.

Bases will automatically be used and charged during the winter months.

Rental-Liability Disclosure Agreement

  1. YOU MUST water the yard where your sign is being displayed for at least 30-40 minutes prior to setup. In the event your yard sign cannot be installed, we cannot be held responsible and you will not be given a refund. If the yard sign is a surprise on someone else’s lawn we understand you may not be able to water prior to the display being installed. Watering your lawn is not required during the winter months.
  2. The renter agrees to pay for any missing signs, whether taken as a keepsake by anyone from the assigned property or by complete strangers passing by.
  3. We are not responsible for fallen signs. We will do our utmost to install the lawn sign display but we cannot control the weather. In case of extreme wind conditions, the display should be taken down so it does not become a potential hazard until the weather conditions subside.
  4. Fairy Yard Mothers, it’s owners, employees and contractors cannot be held responsible for damage or injury caused by our displays. Children and pets must not be allowed to run around the displays as some of the signs have sharp edges and can cause injury.
  5. Renters must use their best judgement on whether to leave a sign up in severe weather. If it blows away and hits someone’s property we cannot be held responsible.
  6. The renter agrees and assumes all liabilities involved with the rental of the rental items and the property it is installed on.
  7. If we have to make an extra trip to the rental property an additional charge will be applied.
  8. When your Fairy Yard Mothers are setting up your signs you must provide details to the displays position or we simply use our best judgement. If we have to return to the property to relocate your sign because your setup instructions were unclear an additional fee will be charged.
  9. If the recipient does not like the surprise and it must be taken down early no refund is given. We will do our best to pick up the sign as soon as possible.
  10. If your sign cannot be properly installed no refund will be provided.
  11. Please cancel lawn services while the greeting is in your yard. Although the signs are very durable it’s no match for a lawnmower.
  12. Please advise us if you have an underground sprinkler system as H stakes are used to install the lawn signs and could damage your sprinkler head if we are not made aware. If we are not advised and damage is caused to your sprinkler system Fairy Yard Mothers will not be held responsible.
  13. Once the signs are installed please do not move the signs or play around with them.
  14. The renter is responsible for lost, stolen or damaged signs and will be charged the replacement cost of the lost, stolen or damaged item(s).
  15. The terms and conditions of this agreement is binding on any guest, visitor and affiliate of the renter during or after the course of the rental period, regardless of whether the Agreement has been signed by the renter or third party.

By booking and paying for the Fairy Yard Mothers lawn display, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions and the Rental-Liability Disclosure Agreement.